Currently I am chair of the department of Communication Science at VU University Amsterdam. Before, I was a member of the board of the Faculty of Social Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, where I was responsible for all the teaching that we do at our faculty: almost 3000 students, over 300 teachers, 5 bachelor programs and 8 master programs. As part of that position, I chaired a committee that did a major restructuring of all our programs. Our aim was to create programs that will get more students to finish their studies (more or less) on time, and that are more cost efficient. This involves a major change in our programs, with many people involved, and lots of meetings. The results are described here.

Before I got my position on the faculty board, I was responsible for setting up and running our new bachelor and master programs in Communication Science. Both programs have been highly successful. We started in 2002 with 13 students entering the bachelor program. Currently, 100 students enrolled our bachelor program in Communication Science at VU University, over 170 students enrolled the master program that we offer.

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